The sample below is divided into 6 galleries, each representative of the best of my work in:

Fractal Images
Environmental Photography
Life and Model Photography
3D Renders, Animation and Motion Capture
Vector Images and Illustrator Composites
Past Web Designs

Many images are larger than they seem, and can be dragged within the window in order to examine detail.

I appreciate your interest in my work. An online copy of my resume is also available.

|:: The Ambivalent Dragon, 2007 . Fractal: Comet 2007 . Fractal: Mindspark . Fractal: Chrometasis-Nova ::|
|:: Photography: Planar . Photography: Midge Karr . Photography: Venerable de Seversky . Photography: The Lot ::|
|:: Photography: Lu . Model: Parissa . Model: Parissa . Model: Alyssa ::|
3D: The Mischief Game . 3d: The Mischief Game . 3D Modelling, Lighting: Into The Spotlight . 3D Motion Capture Processing: The Great Escape ::|

|:: Illustrator: Study - Red Eyed Soul . Illustrator-Composite: Dyad Cards ::|

|:: Cathode Forums . Chrometasis.net - Early Design ::|

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